our mission to help other women

the how and the why

We donate 5% of every nots purchase to women in post-war and post-conflict areas around the world. These donations help them re-build their businesses, get educated about their rights, better their state of health, and support their children.

We donate because it is our mission to authentically create a circle of women supporting women. We are all created equal, but sadly we are not all born into equality. We must help the women who have had their rights and life torn from them by uncontrolled warfare in any way we can. We believe that is by helping them put back the pieces little by little until they are back on their feet.

quality over quantity

We only use the highest quality fabrics for all of our nots pieces. Every swim piece is thoughtfully designed to be seamless so there is no irritation from seams.

All nots collections are made in small batches, meaning we only buy enough fabric to make the collection and once it's sold out, that's it!

sustainability at nots

We agree, it's an over-used word these days! Sustainability can mean so many different things, but we are a little cray-cray when it comes to our efforts. We look at every little detail in the design, production, packaging, and shipping journey to see where we can cut waste and impact on the environment. We are stoked to be 98% waste-free.

a while back...

A woman named Agnes Barros made a few custom swimsuits for this new group of ladies that were starring in these things called "movies". Obviously, we know them now as celebrities, but she had no idea at the time what big stars these women would be and what would become of Hollywood. All Agnes knew was that she loved the precision needed, and the challenge of designing with stretch fabric. She was a tailor by trade but made swimsuits for the leading female actresses of early Hollywood for years.

Agnes went on to inspire her grand-daughter, Cyndy, to make swimsuits. She lived the beach life of the 70's and made crochet bikinis that she would sell on the San Diego boardwalk.

Agnes was my Great Grandmother and Cyndy is my Mom - so you can see bikinis are in my DNA. I started sewing when I was 6 and by the time I graduated high school, I was designing swimwear and went to FIDM to study fashion design with a focus on surf and swim. I worked at Roxy for several years and when the corporate ladder didn't work out there, I started my journey towards creating my own line. And here we are! I'm keeping this family obsession going.

xo, Jessi

designed and made in
hot-ass arizona