one by the sun

NOTS stands for Native of the Sun. We believe that all of us are united by sol energy. All of humanity feels the same power, vitality, and growth from its life-giving rays and therefore we are all natives of the sun. 

Intentionally simple...

The world of fast-fashion must move into extinction so that our actual world does not.

That model of production first called "quick response" fashion began in the early 1980's and moved into "fast fashion" by the 90's - we have seen the terrible effects it has had on mama Earth in that short amount of time. To reverse these effects, we MUST change by simplifying this industry and design intentional pieces that stay true to 'quality over quantity'. We need to delete unnecessary materials such as plastics, metals, toxins, and packaging to see real tangible difference.

Come see what we're doing different at NOTS to be a part of the solution!